Hand carved Propellers

I carved my first model airplane propeller about two years ago, inspired by David Dodge's (alias Dannysoar) original propeller carving instructions on the Free Flight Mailing list. I am deeply indebted to him for introducing me to this very rewarding aspect of the hobby.

Since then, Thayer Syme has illustrated and published these wonderful instructions on his web site, Free Flight Fantasies. I encourage you to visit it. It is certainly one of the best model airplane web sites on the Internet.

Recently on the FFML, the subject of propeller carving came up again.  Dannysoar boldly asserted that he could carve a propeller in about 30 minutes, insisted that it isn't really very difficult, and gently encouraged the timid to give it a try.

I wondered if I could really do one in only 30 minutes, so I gave it a shot and took some pictures to document the attempt. Then I re-read Dannysoar's instructions and realized that after carving a few props I had developed some twists (so to speak) of my own.  Those ideas, combined with a desire to learn more about JavaScript and web publishing inspired these pages.

These notes are intended to complement, not replace Dannysoar's original instructions. If you're new to propeller carving I recommend you start there.  Without that background, the information on these pages may not make sense.

On the following pages you'll find:

Propeller carving tips.

Propeller block dimension calculators.

A photo sequence of my most recent propeller carving attempt.  It took me almost an hour and a half (but I had to take the pictures too!).

I hope you find this useful.  Please let me know what you think.

last update: May 7, 2000 

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